You can listen and download the tracks of the album Divin Potier here !

To download, click with the right button of your mouse on Download and choose : dowload the link under.

Download Name Play Size Duration
download Il te tend la main
9.1 MB 3:59 min
download 02 J'ai envie de te servir
7.4 MB 3:13 min
download 03 Jesus, merci
9.1 MB 3:58 min
download Divin Potier
Eric Reis/Kayiba Reis

9.7 MB 4:13 min
download Il est Grand
9.7 MB 4:13 min
download Mon Amour mon Roi
10.3 MB 4:30 min
download Seigneur Jésus je te loue
Eric Reis/Kayiba Reis

9.4 MB 4:07 min
download Ce qu'il te plaît
5.9 MB 2:35 min
download Prends courage
Eric Reis/Kayiba Reis

7.8 MB 3:25 min
download Psaume 15
9.6 MB 4:13 min

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